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Hand Films:
Item Code Description CS/RLS Weight
1835-GH-10 18″ x 135 GA  x 1000′ – 4 rls/cs 1/CTN 38.9
1820-GH-15 18″ x 80 GA  x 1500′ – 4 rls/cs 1/CTN 34.56
1823-GH-15 18″ x 90 GA  x 1500′ – 4 rls/cs 1/CTN 28.8
1825-GH-15 18″ x 100 GA  x 1500′ – 4 rls/cs 1/CTN 43.2
1828-GH-10 18″ x 110 GA  x 1000′ – 4 rls/cs 1/CTN 31.7
1830-GH-10 18″ x 120 GA  x 1000′ – 4 rls/cs 1/CTN 34.6
Machine Films:
  • 20” x 5000’ x 80 Ga Machine film .33.5LB

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We take pride in introducing Global Dallas Packaging LLP, a renowned and trusted supplier and manufacturer of Stretch Film, offering substrates with exceptional matte finish and unparalleled quality. Our Stretch Films are engineered to enhance substrates’ durability and resilience, boasting remarkable clarity, flatness, elasticity, lightweight, and a fine finish.

Key Features of Our Stretch Film: As a leading Stretch Film manufacturer, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering a diverse selection of Stretch Films made from high-quality materials sourced from reliable suppliers. Our films cater to the diverse needs of multiple industries and are crafted to meet international standards, ensuring you receive excellent quality products at competitive prices.

Salient Features:

  1. Minimal wear and tear
  2. Manual wrapping convenience
  3. Suitable for high-speed wrapping machines
  4. Energy-saving product
  5. Shock and vibration resistance
  6. Lower operating and maintenance costs

Our stretch films are the ideal choice for safeguarding industrial components, from delicate instruments to large machinery. Thanks to our highly trained technicians, these films possess high resistance to rust and moisture. Additionally, our range of stretch films comes in various sizes, perfectly meeting all your requirements. Trust us for reliable and durable stretch films that efficiently protect and extend the shelf life of your valuable items. Discover why customers prefer us for their packaging needs.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance: Global Dallas Packaging LLP, distinguished among Stretch Film Suppliers and Manufacturers, ensures that only the finest quality products reach our valued customers. Our high-performance stretch films are manufactured using a cutting-edge multilayered resin process, granting them superior clarity, puncture resistance, cling, and tear resistance compared to traditional films.

To maintain our commitment to quality, our inspection team conducts rigorous checks on various parameters, including elastic recovery, permanent deformation, stress retention, peel cling, tensile properties, coefficients of friction, and protrusion puncture resistance of the stretch wrap film. Our extensive distribution network guarantees timely delivery of these films to your premises.

If you are in search of the best Stretch Film Manufacturers & Suppliers, Global Dallas Packaging LLP is your ultimate destination.

Global Dallas Packaging (also known as PET Strap India) is a leading brand in the following units:

  1. PET Strap Manufacturers
  2. PP Strap Manufacturers
  3. Composite Strap Manufacturers
  4. Stretch Film Manufacturers

Experience the excellence of Global Dallas Packaging LLP for all your packaging needs.

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